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Two new recordings released in December 2013

Lay of the Waves

This CD features my original music for vielle, the 5 string medieval fiddle. When first encountering the vielle I was struck by its special voice - soft, deep, textured, and resonant. Many of the traditional fiddle tunes I already knew suited it well, and medieval music was a natural, of course. But the idea of making new music specifically for the instrument piqued my interest, as well as setting it in a variety of contexts, rather than limiting it to the "early music" genre. Grants from Artist Trust and Jack Straw Productions helped me get the project going, and so did the talents of some wonderful musicians - Shula Kleinerman on vielle, Kane Mathis on the African kora and Turkish oud, Christos Govetas on bendir (Turkish frame drum), Ben Thomas on vibes, Glenn Jones on banjo, Ronnee Fullerton on bass viol, Dorothy Shapiro on viola, Terry Wergeland on accordion, and Becca Baggenstoss on percussion.

Lay of the Waves - $15 including shipping
Listen to Hop Five (vielle duet)
<Fortune's Wheel CD>

Fortune's Wheel

This adventurous album is the brainchild of composer/guitarist David Hahn, who wrote all the music and leads the band Concert Imaginaire. I'm on acoustic and electric violin, with Jay Kenney on keyboards, Becca Baggenstoss on percussion, Nick Davis on bass, and David Hahn on electric guitar. Vocals are by special guests Maria Mannisto, Lucas Field, and Sean Nelson. The music ranges from contemporary classical to Zappa-esque rock and free improv, so it's quite diverse and full of surprises. A very fun band to be a part of.

Fortune's Wheel - $15 including shipping